Personal Me

Middle children get a bad rep but I have learned to see the best of me through this lens. Technically, I am the second born of six but I think it’s best you know that I’m still a middle child. I believe my ‘middle-child-syndrome’ translates into a deep desire to be seen, to be heard and to be loved. Which means I always root for the underdog, I spread love far and wide, and I use my voice to elevate the voices of others.

About me

  • I always wanted to be president growing up and still daydream about the idea of a life in politics
  • I am an incredibly private individual contrary to my extroverted personality
  • I’m obsessed with popcorn! Butter, caramel corn, kettle corn, white cheddar, you name it!
  • I embrace my inner teenage fangirl and often jam out to One Direction
  • I want to get a PhD studying forced migration and human rights
  • I love traveling the world to visit friends in other countries and often plan my entire vacations around reunions–relationships mean the world to me!

Oh, and I haven’t changed much over the years.

Me at age 4 hamming it up