Student Feedback

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Kind words

Diana exemplifies love and compassion in her work with students by inspiring them to serve their community and care for the world around them. She wishes to see the flourishing of all young adults, and her down-to-earth, genuine personality is her greatest virtue.

Brinn Anderson, Gap 2017 Student

When the spotlight is on Diana, she performs with confidence. She is not afraid to ask questions if she needs to know something. She is perseverant and she “gets the job done”. During the Gap Experience, she experienced some physical setbacks, taking a fall at one point. Her reaction to the fall made all the difference.

Former Gap Student

Diana spreads joy, positivity, and inspiration with all of those around her. Whether it is in one on one or in group settings, Diana, ignites a creative spark that can lead to hours of discussion, exploration of a new place, or diving into a creative project. Diana is truly a ray of sunshine.

Former Gap Student

If I had to limit myself to three words to describe, Diana Delbecchi, I would describe her as insightful, passionate, and above all empathetic. Through her work, she shows an exceptional amount of compassion making it a privilege to work with her, and hear her opinions.

Rose Peterson, Gap 2017 Student