Professional Me

I am an experienced education professional interested in bottom-up and whole student approaches that support student thriving. I worked in higher education for 7 years and recently embarked on a new journey in K-12 administration. In 2016, I earned my Masters in Gender, Globalisation and Human Rights and wrote my dissertation on the access to higher education for DACA and undocumented students in our country. I am a life-long learner, a relationship-builder and a strategic-thinker. My top strengths describe much of my personality and my work-ethic. As both a learner and achiever I am motivated by challenge and driven to accomplish tasks to completion. My enthusiasm to learn new skills and meet new people positively shapes the connections I am able to create with those around me. I enjoy both big picture thinking and strategic programmatic planning to achieve goals that will ultimately benefit future students while also serving current students through my day-to-day tasks. I feel confident in straddling both those worlds and always do my job better knowing the big picture behind it.

I’m passionate about about access to quality education for all. I shine brightest when I am in roles that allow me to think strategically, take action and coach and mentor others on their educational and life goals. One of my greatest satisfactions has been in the relationships I’ve built with students I serve. Witnessing them grow both personally and professionally is a joy for me.

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